Nikon FM3a Vs Leica R7

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Re: Nikon FM3a Vs Leica R7

Yes sorry, I wasn't precise enough.
By spot metering I meant some kind of measure in the central area of the viewport. Center-weighted could be ok as long as that area is local enough.

Using an external device would technically solve the problem and open up my choices, true. But if it's ok for slow and static compositions, it won't work in my case.
I shoot people/action in very dark conditions (concerts, bars, outside at night,..). Therefore using an AEL is a good way to be accurate and fast at the same time when light is scarce and almost everything else is pitch black. With AEL, If something interesting happens, I can shoot it within 2 seconds. Aim at the light source, lock the exposure, offset the camera, shoot. It's quick and easy.
However, the time I use an external device, the whole scene has changed dramatically. And spotting reasonably small sources of light that are moving with an external device is not easy either.
Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I figured.

I have some several cameras but the one I always come back to is an old Nikon F801s. It's outdated and bloated with superfluous features but the requirements I have, it handles them right. It does what I want but it's not fun to use. It's old, but not in the good way.
I want the same features but with a nice camera, for a change.
It seems that, for me, FM3a is almost the real deal but not quite in my situation. And if it's not, anything else from Nikon that fits my requirements and workflow will lead me to a bloated and heavy camera that feels like the F801s.

Same with the Leica R7, it's the last Leica that is SLR and still minimalistic.
R8 and R9 are in the same category than my F801s in terms of size, weight and features.
Maybe the R7 would do the job then (just not a fan of their very limited and not so fast lenses catalog and prices).

PS: R7 is spot metering not center-weighted, right ?

Thank you for your answer.

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