Macro: Fuji 110 + Tube vs 120

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norjens Regular Member • Posts: 403
Re: Why insist on Medium Format for this?

I guess the 120mm macro in this case is a Tesla Cybertruck, or top line Range Rover or something.

I haven't looked at direct comparisons with other formats macro, but my impression is that for small detail there is no advantage or disadvantage in sensor format: The bigger sensor doesn't get as tight on the same reproduction ratio, because 1:1 MF is bigger than 1:1 m43, but that's exactly the amount more you can crop from MF so it's not a disadvantage either. Benefit is you get more room around the subject; in most cases this will be out of focus, but for reproducing flat things that aren't as small as the reproduction ratio you can benefit from Medium Format macro. All in theory; I don't do macro so haven't tested.

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