Scanning negative films (35 and 120)

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Re: Scanning negative films (35 and 120)

Barry Twycross wrote:

There is a film forum you might get more replies if you asked over there.

Personally I use a Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 for my 35mm film (most of what I've got) and an Epson V550 for the few rolls of 6x7 that I have (my wedding photos). There's a lot of people (over in the film forum) who swear by using a camera to digitize thing. One guy actually tried to compare the resolutions you get from these different methods recently.

From the description of what your scanning, I'd any of those methods would more than image all the information you have in your photos. From my experience, the Dimage Scan can more than resolve the finest grained films (like Kodachrome). The V550 doesn't do a bad job, but not as good as the Dimage Scan.

The adherents to using a camera mainly seem think the convenience outweighs other factors. You don't get an IR channel and automatic dust removal with a camera setup. I find the Dimage Scan very convenient, just not very fast.

You won't get automatic dust removal on B&W silver-based films anyway. If you have only a few dozen negatives to digitize, then a good film scanner is fine; but if you have a backlog of many thousands to do, then the ten times difference in speed is more than just a convenience.

This is Tri-X, not pushed, shot in the 1970s, and "scanned" with a Sigma sdQH and the Olympus OM 80mm 1:1 macro lens. I would expect very similar results from a Sony A7R2 or 3.

View at 100%.

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