Zuiko teles and the 'quality' of out of focus backgrounds

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Re: Zuiko teles and the 'quality' of out of focus backgrounds

Gary from Seattle wrote:

whumber wrote:

Gary from Seattle wrote:

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

some lenses will render the background better than others

Show me images with similar composition and the same aperture and FL.

Stizzu68 showed a perfect example of this in his comparison between the 40-150 PRO and the SHG 150.

I saw that but dismissed as the variable of aperture was not held constant. An F2 aperture would have a softer background than F2.8. That has just to do with the softness of the background, not of Bokeh.

Perhaps you should look again because in both comparisons the 150/2 was shot at f2.8 as was the 40-150.

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