Tamron 17-70. Post Examples and Discuss.

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Re: That's the beauty of it.

dr jim wrote:

We can all geek out (or is it nerd out? Don't know) as much or as little as we want.What ever makes us happy. That applies to audio just like photography. Personally, it may not be relevant, but I do find it interesting, so have at it.

There are 2 negatives I find to "pixel peeping". First, when threads get heated and degenerate into name calling on most forums, you can bet it's about some esoteric little technical aspect of a lens or body. Discussions about artistic aspects of an image are generally constructive and supportive. Second, reading technical discussions about the minutia of a piece of gear can sour your perception of a lens or body, often to your detriment. This 17-70/2.8 and it's onion rings is an example. I have a Sony Zeiss 16-70/4, that I used to love, but over the years, reading the thrashing it takes in reviews, I have moved away from using it as an every day carry. Why? Because of what I read, not what I see. Whether I'm shooting the 16-70/4 or the 16-55/2.8, people viewing my images will never be able to tell the difference regardless of the display medium. Sure, at 1:1 I can see the difference in the corners, but if folks are peaking into the corners of an image I show them, it was a crappy photo anyway! So, despite the fact that, for many occasions, it's better choice with it's superior focal range and much smaller size and weight, it stays at home. That's nuts.....at least for me.

You are absolutely right in a certain way. That's why I have not yet upgraded from my kit lens 16-50mm 3,5-5,6 since 2019, as I love the small size of the body with lens. After doing my landscape shootings at F8 and developing my RAW files carefully with Capture One Pro I bet nobody does perceive the shots were taken with the "terrible" kit lens

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