Where is a Sony 40mm f1.4 GM? There are enough 35mms

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Re: Where is a Sony 40mm f1.4 GM? There are enough 35mms

ZilverHaylide wrote:

StefanMunich wrote:

Similar size and weight to the new 35mm GM but nicer focal length would be great.

I think almost zero chance of a 40mm from Sony, at least not in GM, and probably not G, either. The camera market is contracting, which suggests fewer lenses down the road, and a new lens won't get green-lighted unless there's a good probability it'll be successful AND do so without cannibalizing other products of that manufacturer.

So there is zero incentive to make a large-aperture 40mm GM after the recent introduction of the apparently excellent 35mm f/1.4. Given that the Sony 35mm f/1.8 is also a decent lens (main problem is CA), and not that old, little incentive for a mid-performance 40mm f/1.8-f/2. There might be a place for a small or even pancake 40mm of their own to go on the A7C and future similar cameras, to be an option and be more profitable to Sony than the 35mm f/2.8 "Zony" should those camera buyers want something other than the kit zoom -- but constrained by size requirements, it wouldn't be a large-aperture, high performance optic.

(Something small and in the 40-45mm range would also make sense because it would enlarge the view (relative to a 35mm) in the A7C's dinky EVF, without being as long as a 50mm).

Sony offer 28 FF lenses with one lens expected in the pipeline (16) I guess we will see some lenses getting binned within the next few years.

I’m almost certain Sony will bin the following lenses

Sony Zeiss 2.8/35 is slower and priced about the same as the consumer Sony 1.8/35.

Sony Zeiss 1.4/35 priced close to the GM 1.4/35 in some market and is cheaper in others meaning it will take market shares in the latter market from the GM and is in any way an outdated lens...

Sony Zeiss 1.8/55 old outdated and you can get a much cheaper 1.8/50 Sony

Sony Zeiss 1.4/50 outdated design and when Sony launch a 1.4/50 GM no reason to continue offering it.

Sony Zeiss 4/16-35mm I expect Sony to make a G lens of this within a couple of years perhaps with a bit longer range.

Sony Zeiss  4/24-70mm has lower IQ less range than the Sony 4/24-105, I’m surprised Sony has not binned it already.

New lenses

1.8/16 GM

1.4/50 GM

2.8/16-20 Sony FE Prime

4/16-35 G

perhaps a few in between G Primes of 40 and 65mm

This will make E-mount complete and you will have both a Consumer and Pro lens at every useful range.

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