Viltrox 85mm F1.8 lens hood...?

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Re: Viltrox 85mm F1.8 lens hood...?

JamminHyaku wrote:

After being recommended this lens and watching several reviews/reading several forums, the Viltrox 85mm is highly recommended as one of the best value lenses (from everything I have seen)

So I decided to order this lens on Amazon to give it a shot, as it is very comparable in IQ to the Sony 85mm F1.8 while only being a little heavier/larger, and being almost half the cost (520$ CAD tax included vs Sony 800$ or 900$ after tax)

First impressions... the lens hood is quite honestly the most horrid thing I have ever used. It is so tight on the lens it requires effort to put on or remove, and getting it to go on not crooked is a task. I never used to use lens hoods a year ago until I read up on the benefits, and all of my Sony lens hoods twist on and off with no effort, never thread on crooked, and require zero thought or strength. Does anyone else with this lens have the same issue??

It is a 72mm filter size, though my Sony 70-300mm is also 72mm and its lens hood will not go on the Viltrox; does anyone know of a third part lens hood that works better with the Viltrox? I quite honestly hate it. I have not quite gotten to play around with images from the lens yet, but I would like to get this addressed as storing the lens in a bag with the lens hood reversed is kind of important - but reversing this thing is a nightmare.

It's a pain, but 'hate' and 'most horrid thing ever used' is silly. Yes, it takes more effort than it should - but that's where that conversation ends.

My complaint about this lens is that it has very distinct oil or similar lubricant on an inner element after having it only 6 months. I'd strongly urge people to NOT buy it because of that. All around the edge of this internal element you can see imperfections in the rough-edged glass, too.

The IQ results are good for the price, but Viltrox has clearly cut some major corners and not just because the lens hood is awkward to reverse.

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