Where is a Sony 40mm f1.4 GM? There are enough 35mms

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A 40mm f1.4 GM? Not a chance! Maybe a pancake 40.

StefanMunich wrote:

Similar size and weight to the new 35mm GM but nicer focal length would be great.

I think almost zero chance of a 40mm from Sony, at least not in GM, and probably not G, either. The camera market is contracting, which suggests fewer lenses down the road, and a new lens won't get green-lighted unless there's a good probability it'll be successful AND do so without cannibalizing other products of that manufacturer.

So there is zero incentive to make a large-aperture 40mm GM after the recent introduction of the apparently excellent 35mm f/1.4. Given that the Sony 35mm f/1.8 is also a decent lens (main problem is CA), and not that old, little incentive for a mid-performance 40mm f/1.8-f/2. There might be a place for a small or even pancake 40mm of their own to go on the A7C and future similar cameras, to be an option and be more profitable to Sony than the 35mm f/2.8 "Zony" should those camera buyers want something other than the kit zoom -- but constrained by size requirements, it wouldn't be a large-aperture, high performance optic.

(Something small and in the 40-45mm range would also make sense because it would enlarge the view (relative to a 35mm) in the A7C's dinky EVF, without being as long as a 50mm).

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