R5 and any 70-200 (RF/EF) results in awful backfocus in SERVO

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R5 and any 70-200 (RF/EF) results in awful backfocus in SERVO

Hi everyone! I am a photographer from Russia, Moscow.
As many people here I initially had a lockup/freezing issue with my R5. I recently sent it to CPS-Russia (main office) and they replaced the circuit board under warranty and also updated the firmware. That helped.

BUT! After receiving my body back I encountered that now when using a servo-mode (any type) and a 70-200 ( I have RF 70-200, but also tested another RF, and EF 2/3 USM lenses) I have severe backfocus especially at a tele-end (200 mm) and for distant targets that are approaching me ( skiers, snowboarders, cars etc.).
Originally I found it out during skiing competition ( I am a sports shooter).
Then I ran several tests with different lenses shooting approaching cars and had the same bad results. There is clear backfocus( several meters!), whereas DPP in 99% of the time shows the focus point where it was intended to be.

The test were run outside during daylight and a temperature of around -10 Celsius with:
- latest firmware for both all lenses and body;
- R5 + two RF 70-200/ EF 70-200 USM 2, EF 70-200 USM 3 ( all lenses were tested for optical quality by CPS, an they all were provided by CPS for test except for the RF lens I originally own);
- Several different Sandisk Extreme Pro SD-cards,
- Several different original batteries;
- various FPS;
- servo spot af/1-point af/intelligent tracking with initial point af choice;
- at 200 mm 90% of time, sometimes around 150-175mm;
- ISO ranging from 100 to 1000;
- shutter-speeds from 1/1250 to 1/3200;
- IS on/off;
- lens focus distance limiter on/off;
- mechanical shutter/electronic 1st curtain;
- cars approaching me at the speed about 30-60 km/p/h;
around 50+ meters distance to cars ( at closer distances the backfocus is less severe)
- I even invited an engineer from CPS as well as independent photographer to run the tests with me and to shoot themselves.

Result: same backfocus in most of the cases whatever we did.

I attach an album with one of the series and a DPP printscreen. If needed I can upload more.


The yellow taxi in the photos is supposed to be in focus. However it is blurred whereas the truck behind it is much sharper! Look at the plates. DPP shows red square on taxi for the whole series. It is only one of the series but I have many. If you really want I can upload them but hope you will believe me.

After that we tested ANOTHER R5, that is owned by CPS and is given for tests/as a replacement - SAME RESULT!
Unlike mine CPS R5 is said not to have ANY service history except for the firmware updates.

When checked according to CPS procedures NO PROBLEMS are found with any of the bodies.

So, though the engineers clearly see that something is wrong they can do nothing concerning the repair or replacement. I was told that Servo AF can not be checked by their equipment and is considered to work fine out of the box as long as the 1-shot af works fine ( it does).

We are all at a complete loss. We filed a ticket to Canon Japan but the guys from CPS do not expect to receive a quick answer or any real resolution.
Actually it might be that CPS somehow messed up both cameras not knowing that, but they will never admit that...

I really need your help in further tests! I would appreciate if the owners of R5 and 70-200 tested their cams in similar conditions and reported the results.
( 200 mm of 70-200, servo, approaching cars, distance 50+ meters, actually the further you start shooting the car as it is approaching - the better).

Is there anyone with similar problems or maybe heard of someone?

Canon EOS R5
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