Leica CL Autofocus With Various Lenses

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Re: Leica CL Autofocus With Various Lenses

The CL has good overall autofocus, the only lens I haven't owned is the 23. I love the 18 because its small and the camera fits in the pocket. Anyway its pretty quick to focus. The camera has focus light to help out. Here is a run down on the Leica lenses

18mm - good autofocus overall, the lens is a 2.8 so lower light you have to up the iso. I have no issue with image quality.

23 mm I don't own it, but understand its excellent.

35 1.4 - this is a buy, spectacular lens

60 2.8 Spectacular lens - not a must but nearly so

18-56 good lens, but slow and makes it impractical while indoors and lower light. Sold this one because of more limited use

11-23 - awesome lens - go get it

55-135 - good outdoor lens but its not stabilized and rather slow overall. I ended up selling it off. Great image quality in compact zoom, just it needs to be stabilized

For on the CL - for light travel - 18, 36 and 60. I will often pack the 11-23 too. If you need a big zoom, I like the sigma 100-400 its not all that heavy and but stabilized very well and works well IMO with the CL. I swapped out  55-135 for the 100-400.

SL lenes on CL

24-90 - works very well, but obviously front heavy

50 mm 1.4 summilux - great image quality, slow to focus

75 mm Summicron - fantastic image quality - quick focus

35 mm Summicron - fantastic image quality - quick focus

Panasonic Lumix

20-60 Kit lens - great image quality, quick to focus - light wt and versatile, Slow lens holds it back a little. Good for travel, but carry a faster lens with you for indoors

Lumix 50 1.4 - this lens is incredible, Like it more than the 1.4 Summilux

All of these lenses perform amazing well on the S1R which is stabilized from in body, this is a huge benefit especially with slower lenses. the benefit of using TL glass on the S1R, is a much lighter stabilized camera to carry with the autofocus being very good with these lenses.

John Davis1 wrote:

Hi. I've been reading several posts in this forum talking about the Leica CL. I'm curious about autofocus in general. Certainly for still subjects it is very good. What about moving subjects such as grandkids, pets or even sporting events (not super telephoto)? Also curious to hear about the various lenses related to autofocus if there are any comparisons.

Thanks in advance.

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