Got my R6, disappointed with AF performance on EF Sigma 150-600mm lens for bird photography

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Re: Got my R6, disappointed with AF performance on EF Sigma 150-600mm lens for bird photography

ProDude wrote:

nordilux wrote:

Head over to fredmiranda and check the Canon forum > they have a lot of BIF shooters on that site in general and some of the images I've seen are spectacular.

I don't shoot BIF or big lenses, no experience with Sigma glass or adapters, so I cannot not really help, but I would suggest to give it some more time and experiment with AF settings and tracking options, use mechanical shutter, etc.

Indeed over at FM's site there are probably a hundred or more shots razor sharp and perfection all taken with R5 or R6 bodies. There's no compromise with that RF100-500 even with the 1.4x on it. Not sure how anyone can criticize it.

As I’m not familiar with the photography you do but I’m going to guess it isn’t mainly birds and wildlife.  Sure, the RF 100-500 L produces fine results, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone suggest otherwise.  However, it has a variety of compromises that somewhat limit its utility in exchange for reducing the size and weight.  Obviously Canon thought size and weight were the most important selling points and I’m sure they will sell tons of them.  I work with plenty of people who are getting up there in age and the weight savings is really important for them making this lens ideal for them.  I’m sure I’ll be seeing plenty of them in once business picks up again as COVID allows.

If you look at what the competition is offering, there are some very interesting products.  The Nikon 200-500 gives you f/5.6 all the way to 500mm which is nice but the AF isn’t super fast and it isn’t at its best wide open, though it’s still quite good.  It also does this at a relatively affordable price point.

Sony gives you an extra 100mm FL and 1/3 of an extra stop, again at a very attractive price point.  Optics are very good but AF isn’t the fastest.

Sigma and Tamron offer the extra FL and aperture, again at very attractive prices but don’t work quite as well as the OEM lenses (at least based on my experience with them).  They produce great results but lack that last little bit of performance that Canon offers.

There are those of us who would love to have something like what the competition offers but with all the nice Canon touches.  The ~$3000 price point would be fine, as would some extra weight and bulk to get a really top performer in the ~200-600mm range with at least f/6.3 max aperture at the long end.

So I’m sorry that my lack of enthusiasm for the 100-500 L offends you.  I’ve tried it and was generally pleased with its performance but at the end of the day the specs aren’t really what I want, especially considering the price point.  Again, it’s perfect for some and not so much for others.  Unfortunately, if the rumored road map is accurate, this is the option RF mount users will have for the next year or two at least.

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Name the gear and I've probably owned it and used it.

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