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Chris DC wrote:


The blinking occurs to tell you that the picture will be too dark. If you fix the ISO at 100 and the lowest F-stop you can get is F8 (300mm F4 + 2.0TC) then a shutter speed selected above 1/40s won't bring sufficient light onto the sensor to get a good bright image. The camera is warning you that a higher shutter speed is a problem by blinking the number. If you had a F1.2 lens attached you could have achieved a higher shutter speed without having it blink.

The short take away is this: Blinking values in the viewfinder are telling you something is wrong.

Thank you, I was aware of what was going on in the first 2 paragraphs... as in I understand.  What I personally need to do is stop shooting my 2021 digital camera as if I was still in the film days with my Minolta X700.  If you look at my gear list I have 3 digitals all Oly's but still shoot with old tech in mind.

Your information is so valuable.

So, try auto ISO and set the upper limit to 1600 or 3200,

Can this be setup in the menu selection?

open the lens all the way up to the lowest F-Stop and use a higher shutter speed. Also, consider using the 25Mpx Jpeg option for HHR. I find the results really really good.

25Mpx Jpeg...for editing.  Concerned Jpeg ramifications for post production editing.

Can the MP's be changed for HHHR...as in you decide if you want 10, 18, 20, 25 or 50?

I mostly shoot Raw.

As for the subject motion artifacts, the HHHR (my limited understanding) assumes that all blurring is coming from handshake and can align the images to compensate. But if one area in the image moves during the collection of the 8 images there will be disconnects where things move. It does the best it can but artifacts remain.

The Apple photo viewer may look better just by how it down and upsamples for screen viewing.


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