Dang! My Rokinon 8mm Fishy was bad.

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Re: Dang! My Rokinon 8mm Fishy was bad.

noisebeam wrote:

I heard the Sam/Roki 12mm2.0 was even better so I got one recently and it is bad by comparison to the 8mm. Wide open it has lots of coma in all edges and very heavy vignetting as well. It is sharp at 2.8, but that and the vignetting kind of defeats the purpose. I have a return authorization approved and need to get it in the mail before end Jan. Not sure if bad copy or this is how the 8 is.

Hi, I have a copy of the 12mm 2.0. Not sure if it is as good as it can be, but good enough for me. My limited experience is that if something is bad with the Samys, it's not just a little. More like focus unreachable, or a quite noticeable decentering.

I agree with your vignetting of the 12mm. However I think slightly more coma on 12mm than 8mm but quite OK. The 8mm still leads, at least my copies of 8mm vs. 12mm compared.

If you're interested in comparing 12mm for stars, I uploaded an example in my profile, wide-open with stars. That photo sucks in general, incl. heavy light pollution but I took a quick series from my home just to verify where on the scale the optimal focus setting was on my copy. (corrected for vignetting).

Sorry to hi-jack the 8mm discussion....

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