Is this a crazy idea? Putting K3 Inks in a 7890 (which uses HDR) with a Custom Profile

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Re: Is this a crazy idea? Putting K3 Inks in a 7890 (which uses HDR) with a Custom Profile

Johnny261 wrote:

Hey Guys,

So I picked up a 7890 recently off of Craiglist for a decent price. I'm going to go the aftermarket cartridge route as I've done with all my previous printers. I've never seen anyone do this before, but was wondering if it would be possible to use the Epson K3 inks and then just get custom profiles (since I only use 2 types of paper).

Of course nobody really knows the difference between the two types of ink, but from what I gather online they are very similar. Also from checking out 3rd party ink suppliers like Ink Owl for example, they even call some Inks Ultrachrome K3/HDR which leads me to believe it is very similar.

The reason why I want to do this as opposed to just buying HDR inks, is I have a 7880 which may have died (not 100% sure on the prognosis yet and whether or not I will try to revive it), but have literally thousands of dollars of ink left. So a little hassle to make it work would be well worth it.

Just want to see if anyone sees any glaring issues with this plan, so I don't ruin a perfectly good "new" (at least to me) printer.

Btw, you guys on here are literally the best. Probably the most helpful forum I've ever been on.

Is the "new-to-you" 7890 actually up and running? In your place? After transport/delivery?

If so, cherish your time with it now, for it will not be long.

If not, I hope you can immediately get your money back, because if there are any nozzle issues at all, you will be led down a deep rabbit hole of endless, useless cleaning cycles/calibration and further failure.

Don't ask me how I know this (twice).


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