Dang! My Rokinon 8mm Fishy was bad.

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Re: Dang! My Rokinon 8mm Fishy was bad.

Well sounds like the Samyang/Rokinon Quality Control...

I have the EF-M 8mm fisheye and I ordered three copies from different vendors. Two of them were sent back. One couldn't reach infinity at all. One almost reached infinity (non-useable @ f/2.8, OK-ish at smaller apertures). The last one was spot-on! Even reached perfect infinity at hard stop / end of scale.

The XP line of lenses seem to be a dfferent league of QC however. I have one (14mm) and my first copy was top-notch.

My copy of the fisheye 8mm is really sharp even at f/2.8. No problem shooting wide-open. For stars, it shines. No coma whatsoever.

I haven't made any special post-processing of these photos, except the last one (de-fished). The night shots are shot at f/2.8. The sunny one - I don't remember, but likely quite a small aperture - maybe f11 if I apply a reverse sunny16-calculation - so probably that photo might get a impact from diffraction.

f/2.8, 15sec, ISO 1600. almost no PP.

f11 maybe

f/2.8. 5sec, ISO 3200. de-fished, PP

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