Z6, I like it, haven't touched my my D750 since

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sandy b
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Z6, I like it, haven't touched my my D750 since

First impression, it's dense. Very solid, and certainly not light. Feels like you could drive nails with it. No doubt due to the magnesium frame. The grip feels good, and solid, molds to my hand nicely. I have heard the Z6 called ugly. I strongly disagree. I worked as a techwriter for 42 years at an engineering firm, and I really appreciate well designed and built products. The Z6 is every bit of that. It looks purposeful, and every inch designed with photography in mind, and with clean lines. Especially with a lens attached, they are built to the same standard.

The Z6 is a low light marvel, better than the very good D750. I routinely use ISO 8000 images that look good, perhaps not critically, but every bit usable and not soft and noisy looking. Low ISO is excellent, class leading colors and resolution. Very good Sony sensor and a well tuned Expeed.

The Z6 AF gets lots of flak. I bought mine after the 3.0 upgrade, so I can't comment on that, but can say unequivocally it is better than the D750, which while not an AF marvel, was no slouch. The AF seems quick and responsive, and I really like the full sensor AF read out. That is a major improvement over my 750. I don't shoot sports or fast moving wildlife, and there are better cameras for that. But it would work fine if you are shooting your kids ball game, or geese going overhead. I mostly use AFA and continuous AF, and I find it easy to use.

The viewfinder is sharp, clear and looks like a picture window compared to my D750. I like it much more than I anticipated. The biggest improvement is seeing real time results of changes to your settings and being able to shoot and review and make adjustments without moving your eye.

Built in VR sealed the deal for me. At 66, I have developed a light tremor, now all my primes are much more useable at lower shutter speed.

I have one 128 gig Sony XQD card, coming from a 750, it's fast. My amature shooting doesn't miss 2 slots, I always used mine on overflow anyway.

Last, but certainly first, in my opinion, is the glass. I have the 24-70 F4, the 24-200 and the 50 1.8. All excellent. All sharp. I find the 50 1.8 the sharpest and best portrait lens I have shot with. It seem to me Nikon is exceeding expectations with it's lens. I have the FTZ, which works flawlessly, but I am selling off most of my old glass, with a couple of exceptions. Not worrying about lens adjustment is really nice.

I picked my Z6 and 24-70 F4 factory refurbished by Nikon, with a Nikon warranty, for under $1800. From what I have read, the new Z6II is a solid update, but if you buy a Z6, you really won't be losing much. I really can't see what else I would need. Does the Z6 have the best, fastest tech and AF? No. But sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and I certainly think that applies here. Kudos Nikon for a great camera line and 22 lens in just over 2 years.

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