A6600 / A6400 / XT3 ... Other?

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Re: A6600 / A6400 / XT3 ... Other?

kunu wrote:

Renv3r wrote:

KCook wrote:

I love the zoom choices I get with M4/3. But if I were sticking with APS-C I would not rule out the Nikon Z50 (assuming you are Ok with adapting DSLR lenses).


Had a look at the Nikon Z50. Seems an interesting system but the 20mp sensor is a bit of a drawback comparing to the A6400. The 24 mp gives me a bit more room to crop if necessary.

Have had a look at the DSLR lenses available and it's a bit a maze for me. I found they have an affordable 70 - 300mm. The longer reaches seems in line with the price of the Fuji XF 100-400.

Thanks for your reply.

The resolution difference might not be as significant as you'd expect. It's worth an experiment. You can download a full res image from the a6400 sample gallery and scale it to 5568 x 3712 (I believe that's the resolution of the Z50). Compare and see if it's significant.

That said, although the Z50 looks nice to me also, I'm put off by Nikon's lack of enthusiasm for Z-mount apsc. The Z50 released in November 2019 and in January 2021 it remains the only apsc Z release. And there are only, what, 2 native apsc lenses, and they're both slow kit zooms.

Thanks for the tip. Will be testing this out.

Have to say the Z50 really looks tempting. I prefer the looks of the Nikon and the central EVF..

Anyone knows if the autofocus would keep up with the a6400 for motorsport?

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