monitor for photo editing: Benq PD2700U or EW3270U

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Re: monitor for photo editing: Benq PD2700U or EW3270U

I have two SW240 1920x1200 screens.  The resolution is perfectly adequate for me at my 18" or so viewing distance.  No pixels visible.

Do people that love smaller 4K screens ever compare them to lower, but good, resolution screens?

With bigger screens, it's even more interesting, since you need to sit further away, which means the value of 4K diminishes fast.  I guess some folks may sit close, but then it's difficult to take in an entire full screen image, since the human eye's high resolution angle of view just isn't wide enough, about 6 degrees, according to Wikipedia.  So you need to do a lot of scanning of a large, close image, which gets in the way of interpreting the whole.

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