Dreaded "lens error" on my G7X mark II

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Re: Dreaded "lens error" on my G7X mark II

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I had in mind to replace it with the G5X mark II but this has soured me against the G-line. Such a small camera with small internal parts, I can't have a camera that's so damn delicate.

It's always been a major weakness of compact cameras with zoom lenses.

If you are going with a system camera, you might consider micro 4/3. The sensor is larger than the one in 1" compacts, but there are some truly tiny options with regards to lenses.

But then if you buy a m43 lens it could cost the same as a compact and still fail or fill up with fungus. Not sure if compacts merit it as a 'major' weakness.

If the lens dies for a system camera, you can replace just the lens without having to toss the perfectly good camera (or vice versa).

The lenses in m43 giving the wide angle, reach and speed of the G5X are not tiny.

They can be, but you have to use multiple tiny lenses.   For example the mini 12-32/35-100 and then toss a tiny prime or two in there for speed.  Like 20mm f1.7 and 45mm f1.8.   These can fit in a really small bag.

Since OP was considering M6 II, I was offering m4/3 as a slightly smaller alternative to the EOS M system, not saying it matches the 1" compacts for size.

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