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Re: Confused with calibration

matt_matt_matthew wrote:

Trying to wrap my head around an issue i have with calibrating my monitor, I'm an artist and have started again to print my own prints of my work to sell instead of sending to a lab. I have a Macbook Air and an Epson P700, i thought i'd try out a spyderx pro to see what the calibration would look like on my macbook, it changed so much that colours actually look like different colours. I understand that the macbook is by no means a high end monitor to be calibrating, and i've weighed up all the pros and cons of lab vs home printing, i don't have a problem with understanding that side of things. When i've printed in the past i've always been quite successful with the hard proofing method and trying to match print to screen with trial and error, and really enjoy having full control.

The majority of customers i get probably don't have a calibrated screen, and by analytics a lot of my online store gets hits on mobiles and tablets. If i look at my work on my uncalibrated macbook, ipad, or any phone, the colours are pretty similar, in the same 'ballpark', you would say reds look like reds.

As an experiment i edited an image once i calibrated the macbook screen and then looked at it on my phone and tablet and it was just totally different, like the reds you would say were closer to green and so on.

If i were to calibrate my macbook (dramatic change) or buy a higher standard monitor and edit my work on that, will that then make my work appear correct to me but wrong on my customers uncalibrated monitors, phones and tablets? Or is the calibration of the macbook just way off and completely wrong and macbooks can't really be calibrated properly?

Thanks in advance.

The calibration of the macbook is just way off. Maybe the Spyder doesn't work properly.

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