monitor for photo editing: Benq PD2700U or EW3270U

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Re: monitor for photo editing: Benq PD2700U or EW3270U

karmNL wrote:

Ok thnx for your reply,

Maybe i should look for a SW then. Iam on a budget of 500euro. The cheapest SW is an option. But its only full hd. Plus a little extra cause of it 19:10 ratio

Does anyone have any information on resolution? I rather have a QHD or UHD screen. I hear different storys about this. Some claim that on 4k edited photos can look bad on HD screens and the other way around its not the case. And something with sharpening on 4k is a thing?

Someone experience, info, opinions?

It really depends, given your budget, what your priorities are: colour accuracy, high resolution (which is nice if you use it not just for photo/video editing), etc.

What do you (want to) do with your processed photos (and videos): print (for yourself or sell), 'just' watch on your own monitor, share online, etc?

PS: which Spyder do you have?

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