What should I have this landscape printed on?

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Re: What should I have this landscape printed on?

DavidB2 wrote:

I'm thinking of having this rainbow landscape printed large for the wall, but I'm not sure what would show off the light captured in it best. Regular Luster photo paper? Metallic paper? Some other medium? Thanks for any suggestions!

Any of the above, or none of the above? Who is doing the printing? They should have on their website at least descriptions if not examples of each material or paper they offer.

Below is from the online printer Metal & Paper, the printer you are going to use should have something similar to give you a starting point.

Incredible glossy finishes, deep rich color, and brilliant presentation. Rich, luxurious dyes are fused into our Metal Fusion Prints at high temperatures, creating a resilient, resplendent object to tell your story.

Prints face mounted to acrylic for the richest color and greatest depth of any display method.

Kodak Endura Glossy
A shiny and highly reflective paper, displaying bold and vibrant colors. Kodak Gloss is free from the deglossing and other drawbacks of inkjet gloss papers. Kodak Glossy has a wide color gamut, all the while maintaining clean whites, rich blacks, and realistic skin tones

Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl
This pearlescent metallic paper gives a unique glow to your photographic prints. Similar to Kodak’s "metallic" paper, Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl brings the illustrious depth of mother-of-pearl to your prints, with natural mica and metal oxides in the paper. Through an interplay of transparency, refraction, coating and multiple reflections, one can discern silver-white and metallic effects. Fuji Pearl is known for giving an intense warmth and depth to your images, with an expanded color reproduction range and high color saturation.

Fujiflex SuperGloss
Fujiflex Crystal Archive SuperGloss uses a unique polyester base that gives it an incredible gloss and creates a depth and dimensional quality that has to be seen to be believed. This depth helps Fujiflex SuperGloss prints reflect more light which makes them more brilliant than other papers, and the colors are deeper and richer than even Pearl or Metallic papers. Fujiflex color reproduction is clear and bright yet highly saturated, giving the resulting prints a heightened sense of color realism.

Sometimes you can call the printer and speak to somebody knowledgeable, even email them a copy of the file and they can make recommendations based on the file and your expectations.

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