Cost to replace front element of Fujifilm GF 32-64 mm lens?

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Cost to replace front element of Fujifilm GF 32-64 mm lens?

Hello All,

I did it - I was stupid enough to hit my GF 32-64 mm lens into to corner of the coffee table (while chasing the cat - well, what else to do in Corona times... ;-)). And yes, the frame of the coffee table is made out of metal... and yes, without protection filter... but yes, with the lens hood on - it was just the "perfect" angle.


  1. Can the front element of the lens be replaced? Does anyone know what that costs?
  2. If I just leave it (for now) - will the damage become bigger with time? (maybe through moisture?)
  3. Is there another fix? - I assume that any sealing/polishing/etc. makes it worse...

The effect on the image quality is depending on aperture more or less severe - see pictures below. It is most apparent when stopped down between f/16 and f/32. At f/16 the shadow is clearly there, at f/11 it is nearly gone. I don't know how this would look on a bright day with blue sky... I mostly take landscape shots, between f/8 and f/16. Also, at 64 mm it is less obvious, so 32 mm and f/32 is the worst.

Thanks for your input!

Cherrs, Dominik

And here the result:

Picture 1: Little ding in front element of GF 32-64 mm

Picture 2: Close-up of my ding - the glass is clearly damaged

Picture 3: Random shot at 32mm and f/32

Picture 4: Random shot at 32mm and f/16

Picture 5: Random shot at 32mm and f/11

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