paper feed errors- new Epson SC-P700

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Re: paper feed errors- new Epson SC-P700

I've had the Epson P700 for a couple of days now and seem to be having the same problem, i've tried to find info about this but haven't had much luck, i'm no expert but i think the P700 may have some issues with certain paper types. I've been trying to use Canson Rag Photographique 310gsm and only successfully printed from the back feed once. If i curl the paper slightly i seem to have better success at it but only a few times, and i don't want to be curling the paper all the time. It also struggles when i used the front loader, in the printer options i found a way to increase the platen gap, which seems to have worked for the front feed fingers crossed. I read most reviews for the P700 before i bought it and some tested the Canson paper i have so not sure what the problem is. Its does state that thick papers should probably be used with the front feed. Worth noting that when i use the Canson paper it also leaves black roller marks in the middle at the top and bottom, with some dry black specs on the paper which brush off, maybe its a faulty printer i have.

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