Is it worth speading the extra money?

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Re: Is it worth speading the extra money?

Nikon 79 wrote:

Thank you very much all for your help.
Trying to find more info about D800e vs D810, image quality i came up with some interesting things and i need your comments over them.Is that the case?

-The D800E keeps better DR (except at iso 64) all the way up to around 5000 iso
(see the graph)

-D800E has less noise at high iso as well as more pleasant (to my eyes) colours.
Have a look

IMO you are spending too much time agonizing on this issue. As several others have pointed out, the D810 has a number of small improvements over the D800/D800E. Individually, each one of those improvement is fairly minor, but adding up as a whole, it makes some difference. Back in 2012, I bought a D800E as soon as it was available (had to wait two months due to the serious shortage at the time), and I didn't bother to upgrade to the D810 in 2014. Instead, I waited and eventually upgraded to a D850 in 2019.

If this issue bothers you, perhaps it is worthwhile to upgrade just to get this thought behind you. But after you get a D810, please don't think about the D850. 

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