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Joachim B wrote:

Your camera does exactly the same als your software, it evaluates sensor data, and has no clue whatsoever of the real surroundings. If anything, the camera is a bit dumber than your PC, because it has less processing power. All calculations are done after the fact, so on the raw data.

So if we are talking colour, and want to get out of the 'how we feel about colour' discussion, you should have some objective data. Did you shoot a color-calibration card, and is your monitor calibrated? Do you use a camera calibration in LR? What do the RGB numbers say for patches that you KNOW should be perfectly white or gray?

I do not know what any of my cameras do to auto-determine white balance.  I do know performance; the WB multipliers reported by all three of my Nikon cameras give me good white balance in most single-illuminant scenes I've encountered.  I haven't experienced the same performance applying any PP auto white balance tool.

I used to shoot a gray card, but when I started comparing the patch-based multipliers from the card with the as-shots for the same scene, I wasn't getting much improvement for the effort.

In my hack software, I implemented the standard 'gray-world' auto whitebalance mode.  There are better algorithms available, but I've just come to rely on camera auto as a starting point.

I'm not going to take the time to illustrated this, just relaying my experience.  Take it for what it's worth.

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