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I am glad you had a good experience with Nikon on the trade in.
It gives me a little lift as so far, I have been waiting for a Z7ii after sending in my Z7 in mid December.
The Z7ii is on back order which doesn’t bother me at all. I can wait.
I have not received any communication from Nikon about my return being received properly. I do have the tracking that shows it arrived at Nikon. I then expected an email acknowledging the receipt of the trade in but heard nothing.
calling Nikon did not help- they could not tell me the status of my return.
In this day and age, a confirmation email of trade-in received would be nice.
If they would let me know it was received I would be fine and relax about it- I have no problem about the back order but a little communication would be nice.
bottom line- I have to wait for new camera to ship before I find out if they really have my old one.

Am I a little crazy? Seems a little lack of customer service or someone dropped the ball.
so.... I wait. That is my only option at this point.
Just my experience- hoping yours is better.


I went through EXACTLY the same thing trading my Z7 for a Z7 II. Nikon does not let you know they received your camera. Worse, they won't confirm that the online quote is what they are going to allow you. Their process is to bill you full price and ship your new camera. Then, a couple of days later, they will issue you a credit for the trade-in.

I found that to be totally unacceptable. What happens if they offer less than you expected? You won't know until after they have already billed you MSRP for the new camera. That's a stupid way of doing business.

I had about a two week conversation going with Nikon support via their website text program. I got the same answer to every question I asked. "The camera is backordered. We will ship it when it is available." I finally called them. After an extensive session with a very nice lady, she escalated my case to a supervisor. He kept explaining how their system works. I kept saying I would not deal with them that way. I wanted to know what my Z7 credit would be before they shipped the Z7 II. Finally, he said he would look into it and call me back. He didn't call, but he contacted me via the secure website text system a few hours later and said they were going to credit me exactly what the estimate had been.

A few days later I was notified of the shipping and billing for the new camera. Two days later, they issued the credit. The credit cleared my credit card company the same day I received the camera. All was good.

All I can say is that it all worked out perfectly in my case. It is a poor way of doing business on their part. There are several ways the deal can go south on you. I have no idea what they would do if they evaluated your old camera at less value than the online estimate based on the condition you describe the camera being.

Keep the UPS documentation of them receiving your camera. At least you'll have proof of delivery if they were to claim they don't have it. Otherwise, just be patient. The system seems to work.

Glad you got your new camera and you got what they estimated.

However, I think you are confusing a couple of things. You said you found it unacceptable that they would bill you MSRP for the new camera and then credit you for your trade. Why is that unacceptable? You agreed to pay MSRP. So they charged you that amount.

Dont confuse a trade in valuation and a sale price. They are two different things,

My hunch is that, being third or fourth in the business, Nikon won’t change their actual after an initial valuation. They want to move product and if they decrease their valuation they won’t sell very many, as “word gets out.” As long as a camera is in close to the claimed condition, it is in their best interest to give you full value. It is definitely NOT in their interest to pay less.

No doubt I caused confusion when I said they billed me MSRP. It was absolutely clear what I was going to pay for the camera. That was no issue whatsoever. I'm sorry I wasn't clear about that.

My complaint was that they would bill me for the new camera, then not issue an unknown credit until a later date. There was no statement how much later that would be. Days? Weeks? The even bigger problem to me was that they would bill and ship the new camera without first telling the customer what the credit would be.

I was satisfied with the estimated value they would allow. But, we know a final value won't be known until they receive and evaluate the trade-in. No problem there. But, why would Nikon think it's okay to sell you the new camera before telling you what they were going to give you for the trade-in? I go back to a previous scenario. Would you trade your car to a dealer, pay them the full (negotiated) price for the new car and drive away, not knowing what they were going to give you for your old car? You must know that value in order to make the buying decision. It's no different with Nikon. We're just talking a few thousand dollars, not ten's of thousands. I asked the Nikon support supervisor I talked to about that. He said I could return the camera if I wasn't happy with the trade-in evaluation. Who wants to go down that road? It's better to sort it out beforehand. Most people would probably just take a loss over their expectations rather than go through that hassle.

Nikon had my Z7 for just shy of two months before evaluating it and coming to a decision on its value. That's ridiculous. There is no reason for it taking that long. My belief is that they just let it sit on the shelf until they have the new camera in stock and are ready to ship. I don't understand that business model. Evaluate the trade-in in a timely manner, notify the customer, and then wait until the new camera is available. It shouldn't take 2 months. It's no coincidence that they were ready to do the evaluation at precisely the time the new camera was available. It's their way of doing things.

I suspect you are correct that they will be generous in the trade-in value in the case where a camera is not quite as good as described by the owner. But, there is always the case of a beat-to-death camera being described as "mint". I'm not that guy, but I still want to know my evaluation before shipping the new camera.

As I've said, it all worked out fine for me. They gave me what I expected. And, they issued the credit within a couple of days of shipping the Z7 II. But, the whole way they do business has left a bad taste in my mouth for ever doing another trade-in with Nikon. The fact that they gave me $200 more than other online buyers were estimating was the difference in me buying the new Z7 II at this time. I had already made the decision to keep my Z7 rather than moving up. So, Nikon's trade-in program got me to do something I had previously decided not to do. They accomplished their goal, and I got the camera I wanted at a deal I was happy with. But, the whole process is not something I wish to repeat in the future.

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