Who here has owned a Dlux typ 109 and a dlux 7?

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Re: Who here has owned a Dlux typ 109 and a dlux 7?

I have the typ 109, the resolution is fine, lens is sharp, color is nice. I wasn't in the market for the 7 yet, just curious how it compares and if it's worth upgrading. The Nikon section of this forum used to compare cameras ad nauseum. There isn't a lot of real-world experience comparing these two yet.

If I had any gripe with the dlux 109, it's that I have less keepers in auto, and the reason I own a compact point and shoot, is for auto. The exposure is too dark often, and perfect in other shots in the same setting. It's probably not the cameras fault, it's probably mine. When I'm in the studio I have my Nikon, and when I'm at the restaurant I have my iPhone, and it's better at making keepers plus it's already in my pocketĀ 

In the studio, I control the lighting, the iso is 100, and speed is always 1/250 or whatever the synch speed is ( I never change it), and the f-stop changes slightly when repositioning the lights. I use the histogram to dial in the f-stop. I don't do this with family at the restaurant, nor at the beach.

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