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I never bother using it for reasons which you pointed out.I just use the eye dropper where possible or adjust the WB via the eyeball method with the temperature slider.

White balance depends a lot on the range of values that is taken into account. This can be chosen in Photoshop and possibly other applications. Lightroom gives no choice, but does show a 11 pixel sampling grid, so I assume its default is a 11 pixels square, quite broad and very often leaves a slight cast that is not quite neutral for the area chosen. The auto is very different from that done by Photoshop 5

I almost never use Auto White Balance.

If you are using the eye dropper, the number of pixels in the sampling grid for white balance correction can be adjusted from 5x5 to 15x15 (I think, I didn't actually count). Naturally, changing the size of the grid will change your results for better or worse, depending on the photo and the area selected.

Is the WB grid option in Lightroom 6.14?

After all these years I have just found it, where all such options are. I have never noticed it. Thanks for the hint

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