Sony Color-Grading Advice?

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Re: Sony Color-Grading Advice?

HI , I posted a little while ago about a workflow that gets me a reasonable result automatically in Lightroom which I can then adjust further if needed:

Since then I have also downloaded and installed the a camera profile from which I do think can give a more accurate starting point - however these are paid for and I see they don't have one for the A6600.

For video, I am still learning. So far I have had the most success with S-log with S-Gamut3.Cine, overexposed by 2 stops and manually grading in FCPX. Or Cine4 with these settings:

Cine 4 needs a lot less work to grade it, but gives less flexibility.

For casual footage though, I would try without any picture profile and choose a creative style that you like.

I recently tried out the X-T4 and the A7iii (which were both the same price in the UK at the time). In the end I preferred the A7iii and so far I'm happy with that choice - so you might want to consider the A7iii as well.

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