Wifi on 5dmkIV totally unstable - assistance needed

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Re: Wifi on 5dmkIV totally unstable - assistance needed

Thanks, actually I do connect like you did.

My PC does not have a wifi itself, but since my router does (2 in 1), I essentially connect the camera to the router by WPS and then via ethernet EOS Utility finds it and connects it.

I lose no internet connection and my PC is connected to the router by ethernet/lan port.

However, so far the connection was unstable and something disconnected it exactly at the "right" time. And I still cannot find what and why.

Connection to my android smartphone is ok though.

Enders Shadow wrote:

maboleth wrote:

I didn't fix it yet, but what I found so far:

1. When camera isn't paired with the PC, but is connected to the modem, the camera remains connected for as long as it turned on - forever.

2. If camera-pc are paired but no eos utility is started, the connection remains exactly 60 seconds. Then it's automatically disconnected by something...

3. If camera is detected by eos utility, connection lasts exactly 73 seconds after disconnect happens automatically.

After the camera to PC connection drops, does the PC connect to your router? If so, this sounds like a classical case of competing WiFi connections.

Your typical WiFi client is "promiscuous" and will search for and switch to a stronger/cleaner connection. Also, newer WiFi clients are programed to prefer 5GHz connections as they can potentially offer faster transfers. A connection to a host without internet access (such as a camera) also seems to trigger a check of available stored networks. This sometimes can be delayed or prevented if the connection is kept "busy".

Disable the WiFi on your router and try the camera to PC connection again.

Don't remember connecting to one of my computers over WiFi. A few times I did connect a camera to my router then access the camera from a computer over a ethernet connection. Just simple experiments to see how well it worked. Never did anything useful. I do occasionally use WiFi to connect to my phone while out shooting.

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