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Re: The Supreme 46D comes with the bag inside

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KAAMBIC wrote:

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My bag is not a divider, and it doesn't look to fit that case. Where would the handle for my bag go in that case? Just pressed up against the inside? That's just dumb, the Vanguard 46 i got isn't just foam, the outer shell is thicker and more rigid than any of my other 4 bags, in fact it's the most rigid case i have owned yet.

If you look at the hard case, it shows foam only inside, and you can cut your own shapes out to fit your gear. It also says nothing in the description about being a hard case for the bag i bought. Just because they are both a version 46 does not mean they go together, they simply have a 46F hard case, and a 46 soft case.

The Supreme 46D case comes with the Divider 46 bag inside:


Luckily i don't plan on going swimming with my bag anytime soon. Or spending $400 total on a camera bag lol.

The point that I was making is that your bag is actually a divider as the name implies. It does fit into the Supreme 46 rigid case because that was what it was designed to do.

Be that as it may, it makes no difference in use. The outer skin is quite sturdy and padded, considerably more than any of my other bags. The padding and rigidity is far greater than on my sling pack, there is no doubt my gear is better protected now.

And that seems to be the crux of why the hard case keeps getting brought up, people seem to be implying the Vanguard soft case is a bad idea because it's not a "real" bag but just a divider. Just the vibe im getting in all this.

But im happy with it, it's very solid and has the design i was after.

Rigidity doesn't protect better. There's a reason airbags are soft and not made of brick.

I must say, though, that bag has a fine name. supreme #46--mmm yes!

That is the name of the hard shell case.  The OP has the divider out of the case which is also sold separately as Divider 46.

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