Recent GM lenses are relatively very cheap

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Recent GM lenses are relatively very cheap

Below is a table comparing historical prices for lenses: 24/1.4, 35/1.4 and 50/1.2(1.4)

The table shows the release price for the lens and the price in 2020 US dollars when adjusted for inflation.

The table does not tell you anything about current prices for lenses or what the best current deals are or if mirrorless is better than DSLR or which lenses have a teeny bit of CA which is absolutely unforgivable and I am appalled that anyone could even dream of buying such a lens blah blah. If you are offended at me comparing prices for mirrorless and DSRL lenses, or just want to point out the amazing value to be currently had for legacy lenses then stop reading now.

Its a table of on-brand lenses which compares historical prices when the lens was released. Yes, Tamron, Sigma, Samyang have lenses which are cheaper. They are not on the table - this is a comparison of on-brand lenses.

What the table shows is that Sony's recent GM offerings, the 24/1.4 (yes, it was released in 2021 but I needed to use the 2020 CPI) and the 35/1.4, compare very very favourably with comparable lenses of the past. Surprisingly so. These lenses are extremely good value. The Sony/Zeiss 50/1.4 from a few years back was also quite competitively priced.

The next GM lens may be a 50/1.2. If they can do it for $1400 to $1600, which would be in line with the others, then this would be a very strong offering.

Note that the weights of the lenses requires a bit of interpretation. For 50mm lenses, the flange distance for a DSLR camera means that they can be made very small. For 24mm lenses, the flange distance means that mirrorless has an advantage on size.

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