How do you compare these 2 systems. Canon vs Fuji

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Re: How do you compare these 2 systems. Canon vs Fuji

ms18 wrote:

The canon RP is full frame which is better in low light

Not really. EOS RP sensor has bad quality compared to Fuji. But indeed other canon full frames are great in that department again that will exceed planned budget. but it's futureproof.

and has better "bokeh" for portraits

No. Because i'm pretty sure about the lens selection. I'd choose f/1.4 23mm and f/1.2 56mm. which is similar to full frame 35mm f/1.8 and 85mm f/2. not big differences. I understand i'm max out in aps-c and in full frame there is a chance for more bokeh if i choose different lenses. but they are large or expensive. For me f/2 in full frame is enough subject separation

So why i'm talking about canon

  1. Close focusing ability of the lenses i chose
  2. Future EOS RP may have good IQ
  3. Bayer sensor (Don't ask why :D)

What I like about Fuji

The size.

What's on par

IS on canon lenses and IBIS on Fuji

I would choose Fuji for event shooting but not because RP is worse sensor quality. In fact, I believe sensor to sensor, RP wins because it's FF.

RP shows discernable transition

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