Upgrading QNAP NAS (2x) - tough choices

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Re: Upgrading QNAP NAS (2x) - tough choices

I used to have one big unit - the 27TB one.    However, I had always maintained a separate iSCSI NAS and was reluctant to switch over.  (And I was right to be reluctant.  Unlike FreeNAS 9.x, I've had numerous firmware updates on the QNAP that require me to reboot my iSCSI target now, and that's certainly inconvenient).

I got two QNAPs a bit by accident.  I liked the first one, and I had three spare 2TB drives...  Bought a 4th and had enough to fill a 4-bay, and I just got an identical one to the one I had.  (Kind of a hot spare - could move the drives from one box to the other in an emergency).   I find it useful to keep the iSCSI stuff dedicated to just one of the QNAPs - for 'production use'.  That is, my vmware guest files are kept there.   That QNAP went through some disk changes and now has four 4TB drives in RAID5 array.  5TB is dedicated to iSCSI.   The rest of the space is a backup of the photos that are on the other QNAP.

But I also set up a 5TB iSCSI target on the 'big' (27TB) QNAP - after all, 27TB!    I set up a datastore and connected each of my ESXi servers to it as a second iSCSI disk.   Then I set up a Veeam replica to back up each of my guests to replicas, and I store all the replicas on the second (big) QNAP.   Thus, if the iSCSI QNAP goes belly up, I can simply launch all the replicas from the second iSCSI target.    So I have uses for two of them - perhaps even more if they were faster.

I've been looking at 6-bay QNAPs, with the idea of swapping disks in, then filling the remaining bays with SSD cache disks.   The ones I'm looking at also have two pcie slots for possible 10GB, but I'm looking more for 2.5GB at this point.  Easier to achieve.   Problem is, the 6-bays I want are about $1300 empty, and I'd need at least some SSD's to add.

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