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Re: Odd conclusion yields repeatable results

TigTillinghast wrote:

Tazz, you're really discovered something. I've replicated the test. When shooting at 20 fps (13 bit), I clear the cache in 4.3 seconds on average with an Anglebird XT 660 GB card. Using just the EVF, it clears in just under 20 seconds.

The difference is not subtle.

This explains some of the inconsistency I sometimes found when doing the CFexpress card review.

I threw out a lot of data and redid tests completely when I found some odd inconsistencies. My guess is that my hand at the time may have been passing before the EVF's face detector, and temporarily slowing things down at that moment. This is extremely helpful knowledge to me.


Tazz93 wrote:

Sorry to keep beating this dead horse, but I finally found something that is repeatable. I've found HOW to delay the clearing of the buffer and HOW to speed up the clearing of the buffer.

Slow Clearing - Seems to be dependent on using the EVF only during the clearing process (I found I had to turn the LCD in so it can't be used at all when using the "AUTO 1" Display mode). This occurs in EVF-only display mode as well. I did test this with my eye to the EVF the whole time and it was indeed slow as well. Oddly, you can see the difference in the buffer counter's speed in the EVF, so its is likely causing a true slow down.

Fast Clearing - Seems to be dependent on having the LCD active during buffer clearing, Live View or just playback.

You can mix and match, and it will "prorate" the remaining time depending on the mode, EVF slows it down, LCD speeds it up.

Please, can some of you try this and tell me if yours is the same.

Basic settings: f/8, 1/2000th, ISO 100, E-Shutter (to mitigate the wear on the shutter for testing).

I have had a similar problem that goes and then returns.

This explanation seems illogical to me but is probably true.

I have no answer or theory why.

But I once had a battery die before the buffer cleared. It was the only battery available at the moment.
I was surprised that when I much later, put in a charged battery, it seemed to take at least several minutes to clear.

However I did not time it as never having been stupid enough to have let a battery die in the middle of a series of shots, I figured the shots that were not on the card before the battery expired were toast.

I was surprised to see more flashing and some ten new shots, although it seemed to take forever.

The new shots on the card had the date of the new battery installation not the date taken.

I subsequently started paying attention to battery life.

It seems the buffering slows down right at the point that the battery appears to be close to expiration, but having learned better, I switch the batteries before it dies nowadays.

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