16-35 f4: Mostly likely cause of soft Left & Right Edges?

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Re: 16-35 f4, in Infrared vs. Sony 10-18 f4 in visible light

Igor Sotelo wrote:

nkistrup wrote:

Agreed that wide lengths will suffer more from edge softness. But still think the Canon 16-35 should be doing better.

Took a photo w. the Canon @ f11, vs. f8 for the Sony (DoF should be the same); Canon shot at 16mm, Sony at 11mm, which should be close. Here are the results:

Sony 10-18 f4

Canon 16-35 f4

In both cases, cropped the lower right 1200x1200.

Canon is definitely softer. So back to my original question: Is the Canon lens a poor copy, or Does it suffer from softer edges in infrared?

Lenses for APS-C are smaller and less expensive to make and easier to make sharp at the edges.

The trade of using cropped sensors however, is lower high iso performance, and a stop less of subject isolation compared to FX.

Exactly.  In addition, it is an entirely different lens, so the comparison provides no insight.

I think you will need to compare the lens to a known good copy of the same lens, and/or use the lens on a FF visible spectrum camera to gain insight into what is causing the issues you see.

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