Better "Aerochrome" (SD1) with red/yellow/orange filters

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Re: "Film simulation," what film is that Ted? ;-)

tagscuderia wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:


However, what's to stop me simply saving a side-car file(s) just for IR and applying those anyway, i.e. what's the difference ... anyone?

I'm not sure that I understand your query Ted

LOL for the title ...

In the missing part of the quote, I showed that a particular side-car file and a particular color look-up table produced exactly the same output when applied to a particular image.

While posting I realized that film simulation is but a subset of color editing and began to wonder if there is any difference between a side-car file and a HaldCLUT "film simulation". I do know that an RT side-car file can effect far more option that just color stuff - just as any editor that can work on selection, masks and layer can do far more than good old global RT.

A LUT is nothing special

As we say over here, if ya hadna tole me, ah wud never have known.

, it's an instruction set, a recipe for digital processing; I've made them using Photoshop (mostly 1D LUTs), 3D LUT Creator and Color Cone but I'm not sure what you're getting at... ?

Sorry, I have no inkling what any of those apps do.

I edit X3F metadata so that I can process NIR images using SPP, and I may throw a LUT at them whilst post-processing e.g. 2-Strip processing emulation.

Neither do I know what "2-Strip processing emulation" is.

But your question has flown clear over my head I'm afraid.

Sorry about that. So neither of us knows what the other is talking about.

I've experimented with mimicking the B+W 099 from a Full Spectrum photo but the colour and luminosity differences are vast. I'd rather do it properly using a filter, and it's easier!

Of course.

P.S. LUTs... because "Presets" aren't cool anymore? I blame the video crowd!

I know what LUTs are but I've not encountered "Presets" yet ...

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