Better "Aerochrome" (SD1) with red/yellow/orange filters

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"Film simulation," what film is that Ted? ;-)

xpatUSA wrote:


However, what's to stop me simply saving a side-car file(s) just for IR and applying those anyway, i.e. what's the difference ... anyone?

I'm not sure that I understand your query Ted

A LUT is nothing special, it's an instruction set, a recipe for digital processing; I've made them using Photoshop (mostly 1D LUTs), 3D LUT Creator and Color Cone but I'm not sure what you're getting at... ?

I edit X3F metadata so that I can process NIR images using SPP, and I may throw a LUT at them whilst post-processing e.g. 2-Strip processing emulation. But your question has flown clear over my head I'm afraid.

I've experimented with mimicking the B+W 099 from a Full Spectrum photo but the colour and luminosity differences are vast. I'd rather do it properly using a filter, and it's easier!

P.S. LUTs... because "Presets" aren't cool anymore? I blame the video crowd! 

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