Wifi on 5dmkIV totally unstable - assistance needed

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Re: Wifi on 5dmkIV totally unstable - assistance needed

ikolbyi wrote:

maboleth wrote:

I've been trying to connect my camera wirelessly with my Ubee cable router for days, without much success.

In a nutshell, the connection, when does happen, lasts 1-2min. Only a single time I have managed to connect the camera for good, without any disconnecting.

I tried:
1. Connecting on my wireless network manually with password
2. Using WPS button on the modem itself.

It takes several program and camera restarts to even see them connecting. Usually nothing happens.


a) Canon utility doesn't come up or recognize the camera actually connected.
b) The connection is there, I can access and do everything as normal, but disconnection happens after 1-2min. This is much more common than a).

I'm trying to figure out why my connection isn't stable once established?

My machine is Windows 10 PC, latest drivers, AMD motherboard, chipset, cpu, gpu. Latest Canon Utility v3, latest camera firmware.

I noticed the most recent Android update to my phone broke my Canon connection with my 5D.m4. The fix for me was to completely start over and reconnect the device as if it was its very first time connection.

Thanks. I have tried it all... but none works. I tested it at the cable modem level. I logged on the modem to check access and it connects as soon as I turn on the wifi on 5D, but after few mins it just disconnects by itself.

Also I have checked auto-off feature and it's not related. Camera disconnects even when working/dl-ing images wirelessly.

Oh yes, camera connects nicely on my Android. It's PC connection that has the problem.

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