Is it worth speading the extra money?

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Re: Is it worth speading the extra money?

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Unless there is something specific the D810 does that the D800e doesn't do that you need for the kind of photography you do then just roll with the D800e and buy a lens.

I agree with others that either the D850 or perhaps a Z7 would be the upgrade path, but you just got the D800e at a good price, so don't worry, be happy, go shoot some photos. Shooting photos always solves GAS.

: )

D800e is a fine camera. Go ahead and wear it out.

When I upgraded from the D800E to the D810 one of the key reasons (for me) was Grp AF. I forget what else was improved on the D810. But for me the Grp AF was the big one.

Also, and I'm likely forgetting a couple

Better AF

Reading Thom Hogan's review of the D810 it seems pretty clear to me that the difference here and with the D810 overall compared to the D800/D800E is the cumulative effect of a lot of small improvement.

ISO 64

This one is a bit of a trade-off. By exposing more you get marginally more, but when you expose both cameras the same you get marginally less with the D810.

Better buffer

1 additional fps, surprisingly a noticeable difference

Better dampened shutter

That's a good one.

Electronic front curtain

And another good one.

Along with the better implementation of Live View on my D500 those last four items on your list that I cited are why I find shooting with my D500 more comfortable than with my D800. I find my current combination of cameras covers all the bases here for me (D800 for ultimate image quality and D500 for ultimate shooting experience) and I would say the D850 is likely the last upgrade I am likely to ever make -- YMMV.

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