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Re: Nikon trade-in program

shuncheung wrote:

Thanks everybody for sharing your trade-in experience.

May I ask a tangential question: Why are you all (not just the OP, but everybody else who are upgrading from Z version 1 to version 2) upgrading? The cost to upgrade seems kind of steep, at least when you trade in through Nikon USA. Of course I know that you can save a lot of hassle from selling your old camera privately.

Are you upgrading because you want the SD card slot, faster AF, or your generation 1 camera is wearing out ...?

On announcement of the Z7 II, I wanted it (GAS). But, I decided the cost of selling my Z7 and buying the new model was too much. I no longer use Ebay due to the risk of being scammed. Craigs List is not an option due to the size of the community I live in. When Nikon announced the trade in program, I looked at the estimated trade in and jumped.

I don’t need a second slot, but it’s nice to have. I do want the better battery grip, but have not ordered it yet. It’s been in short supply. The better focus, along with more options for face/eye detection are terrific. That was a big factor for me.

The thing that concerned me the most is purely speculative on my part. I fear the Z6 and 7 are near end of life for future upgrades. I believe Nikon has put in a second processor because they have become hardware limited for gains in speed. The new models will likely get upgrades in things like focus improvements that the older models simply will not be able to have. Now, the older models are not slouches when it comes to focus, but no one turns down improvements. Down the road, assuming I’m right, resale values of first generation models will tank compared to the model II’s. Those that are happy with their original models will continue to use them until they are used up. Resale is of no concern. People like me, that enjoy shooting with the best available at the time, can trade up now at a better cost than possibly a year from now. That timeframe will depend on a pro model being introduced. Z8, Z9 whatever it might be. I know that not everyone will agree with this train of thought. But, my mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with facts. 😀

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