Best camera and lens for birds

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Re: Best camera and lens for birds

JasonTheBirder wrote:

Anrol wrote:


I have just purchased the Nikon D3400 for bird photography in my garden and nature trails etc. Mostly songbirds but anything that captures my attention.

I was hoping for advice for the lense, would a 70-300mm be sufficient for capturing birds in motion or from a distance?


I used to use a 300mm lens for birding when I started five years ago. While you can do it, it will be hard to get small birds decently sized in the frame. Most of your shots will be of a more environmental nature. Once in a while you might get lucky and get a bird the size of a cardinal taking up most of the frame.

300mm is quite limiting. 500mm is my minimum for most birds, though I still occasionally shoot at 300mm to capture larger, tamer birds.

Thank you so much

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