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I wish they didn't have to be so darned greedy with the pricing; I really like the interface.

I think $59.95/year is a bargain for Flickr Pro membership. However, I regard $4.75 for a morning Starbucks as an enormous rip-off. 😁

5 dollars a month for unlimited photo storage can't be bad.

The problem is not money. The problem is how they conduct themselves. Losing over 10 years of digital life because someone in the company don't like you is horrible. Getting banned from your account can happen to anyone. Reddit data hoarders board have countless of horror stories about these type of stuffs. Just make sure you have a physical backup in your home to protect yourself against abuse.

What did you do to get the folks at Flickr mad? Don't sugar coat it. They don't ban people for nothing.

I never use flickr. I have my own personal media server at home. Over 40tb and counting. Putting your digital assets into these type of companies does come with risks.

If anyone using these type of service make sure you have a physical backup. Destroying digital data is a common practice with these service.

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