Improving on m43 as a compromise solution

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Re: Improving on m43 as a compromise solution

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Jacques Cornell wrote:

24MP vs. 20MP doesn't get you much more in terms of IQ, especially if you prefer a 4:3 aspect ratio, as I do. And, the DR benefit of APS is marginal. That's why I'm keeping my MFT kit to complement my a7(x) kit rather than getting a6xxx.

I hear ya but I think the E-M5 II is 16MP no? Seems to me 16 to 25 seems like a considerable jump especially if it’s to a larger sensor where as 16 to 20 on the same size sensor doesn’t seem nearly as appealing.

Correct, the E-M5 II is 16MP. 24+MP would be an appreciable increase, 20-21 definitely not worth the change (which is why I'm not looking at the current generation m43 cameras).

So what do you think of the a6 series? The a6xxx is a little smaller than even the E-M5. It weighs 3 ounces more but it has a lot bigger battery.

Or you know what there’s even the A7C which is the same size and weight of the a6 series but you get a FF sensor.

Telephoto zoom lenses are heavier no doubt but you get a lot more resolution and better noise handling at base ISO especially if you go with the a7C

I guess that's the crux of the matter -- inevitable tradeoffs from switching to a different system.  Better in some ways but not in others.  I got spoiled by the image quality of the D800E, and the portability/feel/features of the Olympus gear.  All I want is both ;).

One option I've considered is trading my D800E+24-70/2.8 for a Z7+24-70/4, and simply adding that to my kit.  Superb quality for the special images and compatibility with all my Nikon lenses at home, but also a non-trivial expense and the dreaded more stuff to lug around.

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