M1 Macbook Air & Photoshop question

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Re: M1 Macbook Air & Photoshop question

LakeSuperior1 wrote:

Okay, so here's the deal. I'm looking for a new small laptop to carry in my camera bag. It will not be my main computer. Just an if needed on location machine. But when needed, it will be used with PS and CaptureOne. I never do batch editing. I'm strictly one photo at a time. All of the videos I see regarding PS with the M1 are stress tests with 20 tabs open, batch editing, ect.. The 8gb 256gb version fits perfectly for me in terms of price & physical size. How well does it work just using it a photo at a time without being under the stress situations all the test show? I know some will say get the 16gb version to be safe. Not really an option. I can get Windows machines that fit my needs with 16gb at that price point if needed (I'm good with either system). Thanks in advance for any advice!

I don't have one, but I have seen some of those tests and the devil is in the details. If having to wait for a local adjustment or filter to render for a few seconds is going to ruin your day, then yeah, maybe wait. But I would guess that if concerns like that were the case here you wouldn't even be considering a first gen machine.

On at least one video I saw it had some issues with really huge files because on his machine it seemed to run out of scratch space, but in a way that's good, because it can use it well.

And that's all on Rosetta. Ps native is already in public beta and it should perform even better, so if the Rosetta version seems 80% likely to work fine for you on an 8GB machine then a faster version on the near horizon bodes well. I suppose it could want more RAM somehow, but still, this is a second machine.

Not sure about Capture One.

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