"One bag to rule them all....."

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Re: "One bag to rule them all....."

Jocksa wrote:

KAAMBIC wrote:

Luckily they make bags for different needs. I have no use for being in "the field", im not a pro, i don't take long treks in the mountains where i need to swap lenses ever 45 seconds. When i go out shooting, i usually pick one lens and go shoot.

This is where I was struggling to understand how it was one bag to rule them all. In my mind a bag is something you carry but if I’m understanding correctly, this is a stay at home camera vault for want of a better phrase. Some people might have a shelf or a cupboard (closet) instead.

My perfect bag is the complete opposite. I can carry my whole kit plus stuff for full days or overnights in the outdoors. From, what you’ve said I think you’d hate it.

I also have a Billingham Hadley for family events, weddings etc. People don’t tend to like a filthy rucksack at those kind of things.

It is a "vault" yes, but it can also be mobile, just not in hand at every moment. There's a park near where i live that has a very nice stone bridge (photo below), im sure thousands of portraits have been shot there. Car parking is about 30' away, in full view.

If i needed to change a lens or get a flash, my vault is in my trunk, or i can just have it next to me on the grass. Basically anytime you don't HAVE to carry the bag on you, if it's safe in a car or next to you on the ground, there's no issue. The only difference is, this bag isn't suited for carrying on you while you shoot or move around.

Some will say but hey, if it's on the ground, somebody could run off with it. Yep, how did anybody ever manage to shoot in public with off-camera flash on a tripod. Heck how does anybody manage to keep hold of their bags when a thief tries to rip it from their hands...

I like this bag bc i open up one zipper and everything is right there at hand. Does anybody really shoot with a full size bag slung over their shoulder?

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