Better "Aerochrome" (SD1) with red/yellow/orange filters

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Re: NIR − Lac de Gaube and Vignemale

xpatUSA wrote:

Interesting, Tom!

The B+W 099 looks to be dichroic:

Was the SD1M dust cover removed?

Absolutely, yes.

Hot mirror out, CustomCCMatrix and metering off an 18% Grey card in direct sun; the SD1M won't capture a Custom WB with the 099 in situ, so SPP (by default) actually renders it a la...

Removing the orange cast from a TIFF, whilst possible, degrades IQ and is extremely time consuming; I never did find a one-size-fits-all workflow, which is why I've started forcing SPP to do a better job with IR images

Are your custom gain and WB available as Windows command-line utilities for SD15/earlier?

I'm using ArvoJ's X3F Preprocessor to edit the metadata, best program in the world!!

The CustomCCMatrix is a Mean of several "good" matrices and is broadly interchangeable, whilst the gain is dependent upon your filter and the 'look' that you want to achieve. I started at 1;1;1 and calculated from there.

I have an applet from CEZEO printing but it's custom raw-RGB matrix no longer appears on my 64-bit Dell ... grump.

You could export a RAW comp. from RawDigger and use RT's 3x3 matrix to experiment... ? I may try that myself actually.

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