Precision Camera Disappoints Another User

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Re: An Interesting Update (Was: Precision Camera Disappoints Another User)

JerseySailor wrote:

JerseySailor wrote:

The PC supplied box was far too small for the SEL200600G lens. What were they thinking in shipping that lens in that small box?

After posting my original article, and sending copies to both Sony and Precision Camera (PC), I received an interesting phone call this afternoon from a senior executive at PC to discuss the problem.

She said that it was totally inappropriate for the shipping department to pack that expensive lens (or even an inexpensive one) in such a shoddy manner. She said normal procedures called for the lens to be packaged in an inner box, that then went into an outside shipping box - but someone decided to ignore that. She said that PC was taking strong steps to ensure it would never happen again.

I was most impressed that PC would reach out to me regarding this, and announce changes. She said the company changed ownership in the past year or so. She acknowledged the prior negative experiences that Sony owners had with PC in the past, but said that since the new owners took over, PC has worked to address past complaints, and live up to their promises.

Just the fact that she would spend the time to reach out to talk to me about the shipping problem was a most promising sign. Here's hoping that Sony service in the US will be getting better then in the past.

Great that they reached out to you!!

I sent my camera in overnight and they have had it since Jan. 8. On the 15th we received an estimate of repair costs. But the problem was that they did not get into detail on what they were doing. So we requested that info since we needed it for the Insurance claim. PC got back to us yesterday, the 20th! Now after that phone call, I realized they didn't put in the repair estimate what the very first issue was, which, as required by PC be written on a piece of paper. The battery was draining faster than normal. 100% down to 30% after 100-150 photos. They apparently ignored the first issue entirely. Now we are waiting for an updated estimate on what the camera was sent in for in the first place!

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