A6600 / A6400 / XT3 ... Other?

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Re: A6600 / A6400 / XT3 ... Other?

paltu1970 wrote:

I would suggest you to go for Sony instead of Fujifilm if you are nature photographer. The foliage is more distinct and pictures are more natural in Sony. I use both xt30 and Sony a6600 , I am more comfortable with Sony. Though many people dislike Sony menu systems but after one year of usage I found that is more appealing to me than Fujifilm. May be I am a mathematician so like the complex but sophisticated problem 😜.

if you are lover of colourful images and portraits then Fujifilm may be better for some people. But for me Sony is more appealing for portrait and crispyness of nature photography.

I can even take macro with Sony kit lens as it is so crispy and able to focus from close distance.
I like more better grip of Sony in my hands, unmistakable autofocus which is very important for family and travel photography and excellent battery life especially while traveling.

At this moment i'm leaning more to the Sony A6400. Should almost be the same like the A6600. I still have some Sony battery's laying around. The Sony menu is indeed a bit fiddly but didn't mind it using my Sony Nex 3 back in the day. Was very happy with the pictures from the Nex3. Will do a 'pixel peep' test to compare the Fuji and the Nex 3. Think it was a bit sharper with the kitlens.

Thanks for the input.

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